Don’t Leave Me Alone

Don’t Leave Me Alone

By: James G. Boswell 

Note: This is a preview from the scary short story collection e-book, “Deprived …and Other Stories.” To find out how the story ends, you can buy the collection on Amazon for $2.99. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Tara screamed as her elevator plummeted 15 stories and then slammed to a halt with a thunderous metal clang. Her head thudded against the wall and she dropped her phone as she fell to the floor. The phone’s screen showed her unsent text message to her boyfriend she’d just typed that said, “I wish you didn’t have to work late tonight. It’s my birthday after all! I thought you told your boss you needed the night off? I’m leaving my office now, we can talk about it later.”

Stunned, she slowly stood up and approached the elevator control panel where she saw that the buttons for both the sixth and seventh floors were lit. “I must be stuck in between those floors,” she thought. Her hands shook as she repeatedly pressed the emergency button, but there was no response. Then, the elevator bell dinged, and its doors opened to reveal a dark room with a large bed in the center.

As she stared into the room incredulously, she began to hear the sound of a child crying. It quietly whimpered at first, but then began to sob louder and louder until it reached a deafening volume. Two glowing eyes that looked like burning embers appeared under the bed and pierced the darkness as they stared at her.

The eyes then began to move towards her and she jolted with fear. “Come on,” she said in a panicked voice as she madly slammed her hand against the control panel. The doors closed just as the eyes came within a few feet of her, and the elevator began to descend with the same slow, smooth, and steady motion as it always had before.

Tara pressed her body against the back of the elevator and shook with fright while she stared at the panel. The buttons for each subsequent floor lit up and then turned off one-by-one: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The elevator bell dinged again, and the doors opened into her office’s first floor lobby.

She gingerly stepped out and looked around. The lobby appeared the same as it always did. A few businesspeople in suits walked towards the building’s revolving door as though nothing was amiss. Tara felt the pocket of her suit coat for her phone but realized she’d left it on the elevator. She quickly turned around and snapped it up before the doors closed once again. Then, as she sighed with relief and exasperation, she made her way to out of the building and towards her bus stop. She dismissed the experience in the elevator as her mind playing tricks on her due to stress. “I must be working too hard,” she thought.

Tara arrived at her neighborhood and quickly walked to the brownstone townhouse she shared with her boyfriend. She thought of him dejectedly as she let unlocked the door and let herself in. His job was deadline driven and he sometimes had to work extremely late hours for days at a time without any forewarning. All the same, she still felt miffed that he missed her birthday.

She turned on every single light in her house and then poured herself a generous glass of red wine. After a couple large gulps, she called the fancy restaurant where she’d made dinner reservations to celebrate her birthday that night and cancelled them.

Tara then began to boil some water to make spaghetti. She sipped her wine and stared into the pot as the first small bubbles began to form. A strange noise from the living room startled her. Hopeful that it was her boyfriend, she called out, “Baby?” but no one responded. Instead, she heard more strange noises that sounded like furniture moving around. Fear crawled down her spine, and she grabbed a butcher knife from the knife block on her countertop.

She slowly opened the door from the kitchen to the living room a crack and peaked through, but she didn’t see anything. She then pushed the door open completely and tiptoed into the room. There, she found that the sofa and coffee table had been pushed out of place. She also saw that a wooden chair which normally sat against the wall was now in the middle of the room.

A crashing sound came from the kitchen. Tara turned around and saw that an unseen force had thrown the pot of boiling water off the burner to the floor and smashed her glass of wine against the wall. Tara froze in panic and began to hyperventilate. Then, she heard it: the sound of a child crying, and all the lights turned off by themselves.

She heard the door from the living room to the bedroom fling itself open. Then, the glowing eyes appeared under the bed and stared at her. The sound of crying became louder, and the glowing eyes came out from under the bed and hovered a few feet off the ground as they moved towards her through the darkness…

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