The Door That Wasn’t There

The Door That Wasn’t There

By: James G. Boswell

Wendy hummed as she walked down the wooden stairs into her darkened basement. Upon arriving at the last step, she pulled the string to turn on the bare lightbulb that hung from the ceiling. The faint yellow light illuminated the concrete floors and walls. She saw a dusty pile of cardboard boxes sitting in the corner.

She went over to the boxes, took one off the top and placed it on the floor. Then she opened it and rummaged around inside. Not finding what she wanted, she went to grab another, but then stopped and stared at the wall. There she saw an ornate wooden door with wrought iron hinges.

“That’s weird,” she thought. “I don’t remember that door at all.” With a curious expression, she went and stood in front of it. Then she reached out and pushed against it. The door opened without a sound.

Through the doorway, she saw a lush, green pasture. The bright sun hung overhead in the cloudless blue sky. She gasped in awe at the sight as birds chirped and insects buzzed nearby.

Stepping through the doorway, she felt the sun’s warmth on her skin and a cool, gentle breeze in the air. She thought, “Last time I checked, we lived in suburban Detroit. And it’s the middle of winter. There’s no way this is our neighborhood.”

The breeze turned frigid as the sounds of birds and insects fell silent. Wendy’s teeth chattered and she wrapped her arms around herself for warmth. The skies turned grey and the sun disappeared behind the rapid onset of dark, threatening clouds.

Then, she saw something appear on the horizon and her jaw dropped. It was a massive creature that towered up into the sky like something beyond her nightmares. It started moving toward her as it let out a horrific roar.

She hurried back through the doorway into her basement and slammed the door behind her. Breathing hard, she took a few steps backward while staring at the door and stumbled over the pile of boxes. Then she glanced around the room and saw that it appeared the same as she’d left it.

After a few moments, her breathing returned to normal. She chuckled as she shook her head and thought, “Maybe there’s some hallucinogenic fungus down here or something. That was crazy.”

She went back up the stairs into her kitchen. Opening the cabinet door, she took out a bottle of wine and a wine glass and filled it to the top. She brought it to her lips, but then dropped it as she looked through the window into her backyard. The glass shattered against the tile floor and wine spilled everywhere.

The creature from the pasture loomed over the houses in her neighborhood. It roared and began to move straight for her.

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