“Burn: Horror Stories” is now available on Amazon

“Burn: Horror Stories” is now available on Amazon


Fans’ praise for James G. Boswell:

“The new Master of Horror… The stories are creepy as hell.”

“…the author’s imagination really shines through…”

“…must say, was very impressed!”

“…he surely has the talent for horror fans…”

“He’s amazing (and) well-written.”

A man’s wife and business partner believe they killed him as part of an insurance scam, but then he reappears as if nothing happened. Two fugitives take shelter in an abandoned industrial facility, but what they find inside might be more dangerous than what pursues them. A tech guru’s lifestyle is immersed in smart technology, but what if it’s so smart, it’s dangerous? The parents of an out-of-control child will do anything to curb her awful behavior, but at what cost? A woman awakens upside down in a totaled car with no recollection of how she got there. Will she be able to find help, or will something more sinister find her first? These stories and more await you in this collection of existential horror by James G. Boswell.

Stories include:

I Thought You Were Dead
Outside the Ghost Town
The Bag Man
I’m Inside Your House
Let Me Read That Book
Through the Void
I See It in My Rearview… Always
The Inescapable Nightmare of Scarlet City